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Elisa Salas

Troy Horse

Lost wax bronze

35 x 40 x 20 cm

Edition of 15

Option to gray-green patina


Piece 1/15 SOLD

Piece 2/15 SOLD


4 weeks time of creation before shipping 

Troy Horse with Homer's words engraved

Patina color
  • Bronze Sculptures come with a document that certifies that every one is an authentic and original sculpture that belongs to a limited edition collection, created by the artist Elisa Salas, employing the Lost-wax casting process by which a duplicate metal sculpture is cast from the soft model which is destroyed in the mouldmaking process. To pour the melted metal into the mould the shell is to be reheated in the kiln to harden the patches and remove traces of moisture. Then placed cupupwards into a tub filled with sand where the metal is melted in a cucible in a furnace, then poured carefully into the shell. The Lost Wax tecniche was used from c. 3,500   2,750 BC in Mesopotamia, later The Egyptians were practicing cire perdue from the mid 3rd millennium BC and in the Mediterranian Greek and Roman Cultures are known to have used it in the Aegean during the Bronze Age.

    Salas’s art proposal was created within a visual concept inspired by the greek visual poet, Simias de Rodes, asian calligraphy, hieroglyphics, zoomorphic islamic texts and Guillaume Apollinaire’s calligrams.

    This sculpture represents the odyssey's trojan horse and has homer's phrases engraved. the patina is supervised and intervened by the artist to achieve classic golden sparkles on the surface of the letters and the highest parts of the relief.

Art Prices are expressed in U.S.D.

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