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  Galería la 303, Fábrica de la Aurora, San Miguel de Allende (October 2018).

 Urban exhibition "Mexicráneos 2018" curated by Locos Por El Arte through a call for new artistic proposals. Reforma Avenue, CDMX. (September-November 2018) (*Fiberglass Skull Sculpture intervened by literary calaverita and Catrina calligram).

 Individual Exhibition: "Visual Poetry" at Art Point Polanco, (August 2018).

 Individual Exhibition: "Oniric calligrams of alebrijes", Espacio Copal, Oaxaca (May 2018).

 Ethos Collective Exhibition 2018, Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico City, (April 12-15, 2018)

Collective Exhibition at Show Room Art Point Polanco, Séneca 53, Mexico City, (March-May 2018)

 Collective Exhibition in Galería En Blanco, San José del Cabo (permanent).

“Postmodern Calligrams”  New York Poetry Festival 2017, Governor’s Island , NYC, (July 2017)

▪  Collective Exhibition: “Serenum” (2) Dacia Gallery, Lower East Manhattan, NYC (July 15th, 2017) with oil on canvas representative paintings: “Reflexive” and “Sceptic”.

▪ Pop up exhibition at the Museum of Broken Relationships Los Angeles: “Fault Lines” Confessions of the Broken & the Mended, in collaboration with Frank Warren and his Post Secret Project (April 22nd 2017)

▪ Collective exhibition “Ethos 2017”(7) Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico City. (June 9-11 2017)

▪ Solo exhibit “Images out of words”(16) Luxury Avenue Los Cabos, Yandi Monardo Gallery, B.C.S. (January 25 - April 15th 2017) 

▪ Solo Exhibition “Calligram Collection”(20) The Cape a Thompson Hotel, Los Cabos, B.C.S. (January 2017)

▪ Collective exhibition: “Fusion XVI – Visual Illusions”, at Miami Wynwood Art Fusion Galleries (oct-dec 2016 and Art Basel Season)

▪ Individual exhibition: “Postmodern Calligrams Collection” at Cultural Galley of La Paz, Baja California Sur. (nov. 2016)

▪ Collective exhibition: “Fortuna” at the Tequila and Mezcal Museum, Garibaldi, Mexico City in collaboration with Arca Gallery ( September 9 - October 16th 2016)

▪ Itinerant exhibition: “First Mexican Golden Cinema Festival” at the Mexican Movie Star Museo Pedro Infante(1 August - September 2016)

▪ 10 pieces Individual exhibition: “Women of Word Calligrams”  at the Mexico’s City Women Museum,(April 27- June 26 2016)

▪ Collective exhibition: “Growing Freedom” at Torre del Reloj Gallery, Polanco, Mexico City, (March 2016)

▪ Donated Experimental “Frida” Painting for The Children’s Rehabilitation Institute of Teletón USA Auction, (San Antonio, Tx, fall 2016)

▪ Collective exhibition: “Guadalupana in collaboration with Rodrigo Rivero Lake's  Virgen Mary's from the XVIth century Aniques Collection" with a Virgin of Guadalupe piece on náhuatl language,Parque Fundidora, Monterrey, (March-April 2016)

▪ Collective exhibition:“Ethos Art 2016” by being picked on the 2015’s call.(Expo Bancomer Santa fe, March 11-13, 2016)

▪ Collective exhibition: “Art And Disability” at the Hillyer Art Space at Washington D.C. (July 15th, 2015)

▪ 40 pieces Individual Art exhibition: “Calligram Eulogy” at the Lincol'n park's galley in Mexico (June 4th/ 15th, 2015)

▪ Collective exhibition "Ombligo de La Luna” (Art show room at the Galician Centre, May 2012)

▪ Individual exhibition of oil paintings (Piano recital for the Mexican Institute of science and humanities on it’s 30th anniversary, September 2011) 

▪ Donation of an oil painting for auction for altruistic cause: “Tango”(Event Room Ambrosía, 2009)

▪ Participation at the Mexican Autonomous University Poster Design Show 2004

▪ Collective exhibition of the Oil paintings: “Conchas” and “Mujer desnuda de espaldas” (Casa Blanca of Lincoln Park Exhibition Room, 2002)

▪ Drawing Exhibition by Mexican Espasa Calpe Editorial 94-95 (1995)




Academic Preparation


▪ Certified in a year of Sculpture at the Fine Arts Academy of Carrara (Toscana, Italia, 2006-2007) 

▪ Stone sculpting course certification at the Fine Arts Academy of San Miguel de Allende (Guanajuato, Mexico, Summer 2004)

▪ 3d Animation and Visual effects graduated (Westbridge University, 2008-2011)

▪ 3d Animation diplomaed (LO COLOCO FILMS Animadores Anónimos 3d Studio, 2012)

▪ After Effects course (Incubadora de talento Visual Effects Studio, Mexico, Spring 2011)

▪ Certified in a year of Literary Composition at SOGEM

▪ (Mexico’s Writer’s School of the Mexican Writer’s General Society, 2007-2008 )

▪ 2 Published Romances as a teenager:

▪ “La Nueva Aldea” by Ediciones Oblicuas, Barcelona, (Spain, 2006/18 years old) 

▪ “Mirada Joven” by Editorial La primera palabra, (Mexico, 2001/14 years old, written at 12)

▪ Futurist Archeology of Visual Arts course(Carrillo Gil Museum, Spring 2011)

▪ Photography and acting courses (Cultural Centre Martín Fierro at Buenos Aires, Argentina, Summer 2008)

▪ Drawing with the right brain’s hemisphere course certification (Hellenic Cultural Institute, 2007)

▪ Plastic Artist Pablo Szmulewicz’s student (2001-2003)


▪ Current Student at the Administration and Hospitality College of the Panamerican University (coursing the 9th semester of 9, Mexico, 2012-2016)

▪ Member of the College Student Group NOUS to spread philosophy, ethics and culture to the young (Mexico 2013-2014)

▪ Part of the UP Chorus presenting concerts at cultural spaces like the Hellenic Cultural Centre, The Watercolor Museum and the Cultural Centre Roberto Cantoral for authors and compositors (Mexico, 2012-2015)

▪ Singing for the UP Miserables play (UP theatre, 2013)

▪ Singing for the UP Chorus Beatles disk as a contralto voice (Mexico, 2014)






▪ Selected for the“Da Silva Increasing Freedom” Auction and Exhibition Call about Western and Eastern Culture’s Peace, (February 2016)

▪ Essay contest Winner of the VI Universitas forum of Humanities with the essay: “The State’s responsibility to the people" (Panamerican University, April 2014)

▪ Drawing Contest winner of Scribe Corporation® with the drawing: "Preso 26362 “ (Scribe Ambassadors® April 2014)

▪ Essay contest Second Place Winner of the V Universitas forum of Humanities with the essay:”About the origin of art and faith”(Panamerican University, March 2013)

▪ 2 murals Exhibition (Science and Humanities Institute, 2006) 

▪Storytelling Contest winner of the competition: “About elections and projections”(Science and Humanities Institute, 2006) 

▪ Poetry Contest winner of the competition: “About elections and projections”(Science and Humanities Institute, 2006)  

▪ Story Contest winner (Pedregal French School, 2004)

▪ Artistic carrier Interviewee for Reforma National Newspaper (March 2016)

▪ Artistic carrier Interviewee for Grupo Asir Radio at the “women to the tribune” program(May 2016)

▪ Interviewee for the National Newspaper’s Report Winner about a handicap discrimination story's fight to get democratic participation rights for the handicapped (National Commission to Prevent Discrimination in Mexico, NCHD, ONU, (2014)

▪ Activism interviewee for Grupo Asir Radio at a political radio program about the democratic participation rights for the handicapped (May 2012)



Arte Sonoro

Arte Sonoro

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Estante de pared y decoraciones
Hospeda mi arte 1 mes

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Lista de precios

(fichas técnicas disponibles en la galería virtual/tasa de cambio de dólar preferente a mexicanos / de firmar por la promoción, luego de un mes de tener el cuadro en casa, se acordará un 30 % de descuento de contado o 20 % de descuento a meses sin intereses pago a distancia con todas las tarjetas/los precios no incluyen iva) 

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