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© María Elisa Regina Salas Ventura 2018

Catalogues with editions and prices




Before your order, please ask if the available Art is shippable right away or in 20 to 30 days in order to offer the best quality for every creative process before it travels. 


Most of the available work consists in a New Media Digital Drawing on Canvas framed in a venetian box in silver or golden leaf finish. Every calligram comes with an Authenticity Certificate as for a unique possession of each piece of a VL Edition created by the artist Elisa Salas. As in a Limited Art Edition, numbered, signed and dedicated personally with invisible ink for the colector.  With all art pieces enumerated and signed by the artist between the calligraphy that composes the image, at the back of the canvas with Montblanc ink or/and at the front with invisible ink.

Every one of the artist's Very Limited Edition Art works are just as original as their siblings because of the nature of the creative process of the artist, which involves a fusion between plastic and digital art (she uses to share her creative processes in her social media accounts) with the last step of her creation being a calligraphic digital drawing. In other words, it's not impossible to find an oil intervened or mixed media unique piece from the artist, but mostly she works editions of 3, 5 or 7 pieces. There is no negative of which the pieces are reproduced, but each comes directly from a unique digital art final composition never to be materialized after the last piece of the edition finds its colector or home. Works also come with her steel plate signature. In some cases there may exist up to two (2) color proofs from the author with those proofs being identified. Canvases are 100 % cotton acid free. UV protective varnish on inks that last up to 200 years. Banak wood 4 x 2.5 cm.


Depending on the Shipment Companies, some of the large formats are impossible to send in a venetian box because of he latest customs houses health agreements regarding termite pests and wood frames.


All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorized reproduction or use is in violation of the Copyright Law.

Todos los derechos reservados por la autora María Elisa Regina Salas Ventura, en su exclusiva facultad de explotar su propiedad intelectual ya sea por sí misma o por terceros autorizados, quedando prohibida su reproducción total o parcial sin el permiso por escrito de la autora. So pena de cometer delitos concernientes al Código Penal Federal.